Friday, September 20, 2013

Sprint Ethernet Wave Service (400G 네트웍 백본 필드 테스트)

스프린트는 2012년 부터 Ciena라는 회사의 광통신 장비를 이용하여 미국의 광 백본망을 40G에서 100Gbps로 업그레이드 하였다. 현재 스프린트는 Tier 1 인터넷 백본 사업자로 5천6백만 (56 million) 가입자에게 모바일 서비스를 제공하고 있다.
1998년 부터 Ciena는 Sprint의 전략적인 장비 공급 파트너로 40G, 100G급 광전송장비를 공급하고 있고, 2013년에는 400G 필드 테스트를 진행하고 있다. 참고로, 영국의 통신사업자인 BT도 차세대 광전송장비 업체로 Ciena를 선정하고, 400G로의 확장을 고려하고 있다.

스프린트가 이번에 구축한 100Gbps 회선은 미국에서 가장 장거리라고 한다. 보통 DWDM 전송 솔루션은 44마일 (70km, 최대 100km) 마다 신호를 증폭해 주는 리피터 (증폭기)가 필요한데, 이번에 구축한 시스템은 리피터 없이 1,304마일 (2,100km)을 전송할 수 있다고 한다. 그만큼 전송 지연 등을 없애고 고품질의 네트워크를 구축할 수 있는 것이다.
미국의 경우, 워낙 땅덩어리가 크다 보니 동·서부간 연결하기도 쉽지 않고, 3,000마일 (약 4,800km)의 거리다 보니 증폭이 발생할 수밖에 없다. 그래서, 오라클 Real Application Cluster (RAC)와 같은 데이터베이스 클러스터링, 고가용성 솔루션에서는 44마일 (70km)라는 제한을 가지고 있다.

2013년 7월 10일부로 손정희 회장의 소프트뱅크가 스트린트를 인수했으니, 앞으로 더 공격적인 투자가 이루어지지 않을까 추측해본다.

The investment in state-of-the-art converged packet-optical transport technology
Sprint Ethernet Wave Service is now available in 88 U.S. markets and expansion will continue through 2014. As a fixed, point-to-point 100 percent dedicated high-speed connection, it offers 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), 40GigE and 100GigE speeds. The secure, always-on connectivity with 24x7 network monitoring helps to ensure the service is available when needed and is performing optimally. Flat-rate pricing makes planning and cost control easier.

Sprint and Ciena team to enable Ethernet and network speed milestonesAs a part of its Network Vision initiative, Sprint is using a Ciena 6500-based architecture to address customer service requirements, including delivery of 10GigE, 40GigE and 100GigE for the Sprint Ethernet Wave Service. Sprint is leveraging Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 coherent optical processors to scale its existing infrastructure to speeds of 100 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) today, with the ability to scale to 400Gbps links in future, as demonstrated in a recent field trial. With this technology, Sprint has deployed one of the longest 100 Gbps circuits in the U.S. with a live transmission that required no signal regeneration over a distance of 2,100 km (1,304 miles). The longer distance between regeneration points provides reduced latency and hardware benefits, and improves reliability, flexibility and performance for customers. This milestone also paved the way for Sprint to deploy the 100Gbps technology across its wireline network where the demand dictates.

Sprint’s Ethernet Solutions portfolio also includes Ethernet access, which is available today in 149 U.S. markets and 81 countries around the globe.

Sprint Upgrades Network with Ciena Coherent Optical Technology6500 Packet-Optical Platform to support Sprint’s Network Vision initiative at 100G, 400G and beyond

Key Facts: By deploying Ciena’s 6500 Packet Optical Platform with WaveLogic™ coherent technology, Sprint can easily increase network capacity – ensuring the ability to add 100G wavelengths, 400G wavelengths and beyond – without the need for a major network redesign. Additionally, the 6500 supports multiple chassis sizes to cost-effectively address transport requirements from the edge to the core across a single converged infrastructure.

Sprint and Ciena are planning a 400G field trial for early 2013. The trial will enable Sprint to check the feasibility of using 400 Gbps channels on systems already carrying live customer traffic, and to demonstrate that the network will be able to support very high-speed traffic needs in the future on the existing fiber plant.

Ciena has been a strategic supplier to Sprint since 1998. This upgrade builds on Sprint’s existing deployments of Ciena’s CoreStream Agility Optical Transport Systems. Sprint is also using Ciena’s OneControl Unified Management System for centralized network management, and Ciena Specialist Services to help minimize implementation costs and ensure that the network is turned up efficiently and effectively.

Ciena 6500 Family

Architected for network modernization, Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform converges comprehensiveEthernet, TDM, and WDM capabilities in one platform for cost-effective delivery of emerging and existing services, from the access edge to the backbone core.

Future-ready scalabilityCiena’s new coherent interfaces give you a full suite of field-proven, plug-and-play coherent 40G and 100G solutions for metro, long-haul terrestrial, and submarine applications. These WaveLogic 3 programmable transceivers enable broader, more economical deployment of 100G throughout the network—and can scale to 400G.

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